Katy Perry Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To False Rumors About Dating Ryan Phillippe

Ahhh everyone always loves to guess who Katy Perry is dating, and just generally pick her love life apart under a microscope. All part of the fame game I guess, and it seems like Katy is pretty used to it based on her reaction to the latest rumor. The latest rumor about Miss Perry that churned out was that she was dating newly single Ryan Phillipe. The rumor got so much traction that helicopters started circling his house looking for her, causing him to send out a funny tweet killing the rumor. Katy's response on twitter was equally hysterical, and just another reminder why we love her. Check out Katy's super funny response to the rumor on twitter below. 😂 Katy handles those rumors like a champ!


(Photo: Getty Images)

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