This Disaster Bungee Jump Is Exactly Why I Will Never Do It

Every time I think that I'm getting over my fear of heights something like this comes into my life and RUINS EVERYTHING. This girl's bungee jumping disaster was caught on film and man this is enough for me to never do this EVER EVER EVER. No, she doesn't plummet to her death or anything, but the hooks at her feet get caught and she just falls forward and slams her face on the bridge she was about to jump off of. Thankfully she was ok, but she smashed her face in, and lost a couple teeth. All sorts of ways for Bungee Jumping to be a mess, and this is a unique twist. Gosh, I get why this is thrilling but I've seen too many tragic fails around bungee jumping, I think I'll skip out. 

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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