LOL. This $400 Keurig Style Juicer Is A Fail! You Can Squeeze The Juice Pods Yourself!

With a 120 million dollar investment in this startup, you would think that Juicero would bring a more useful innovation to the market. It is supposed to be the Keurig of cold pressed juice, and this 400$ machine makes delicious natural juices from pre-sold packs, like the coffee k cups. There's a major major flaw with this company and their product though: you DO NOT NEED the expensive machine to squeeze the juices out of the separately sold packets. SO, you can just buy the cheaper juice packets and squeeze them out yourself. This video below shows that their is no difference in the juice whether it was squeezed out by hand or squeezed by the machine. Welp looks like Juicero is the worlds most expensive clamp, what a waste! 

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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