Bye #UnicornFrap, Hello Unicorn Lemonade! Yes, Someone Totally Made This.

Desperate to keep the unicorn trend going, this barista was not going to let it die that quickly after the two day #UnicornFrap event was over. She made her own special drink that has been going crazy viral that she calls, Unicorn Lemonade. It took aspects of the original frap, and she changed it with her own personal twist to make this colorful drink. The pictures are going t]so viral, I wouldn't be surprised if Starbucks started offering this for the summer. Did you like the Unicorn Frap? Would you want to try this? 

Pink and Blue powder mixed with lemonade 😍💗😂😂 #tobeapartner #unicornlemonade #imobsessed

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And here is my spin on the unicorn frapp. So this is a venti lemonade mixed with 7 shakes of the blue powder and raspberry syrup (6 pumps). Then once in the cup, sprinkle the pink powder on top and gently stir to make the color descend. It's a bit sour (tastes like a liquid sour patch kid) but it's not bad. LOVES IT!!! #unicornlemonade 🦄🍋🦄🍋🦄🍋 #Starbucks

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