What Is Happening With Katy Perry? She's Being Very Mysterious On Twitter...


Fans have been speculating that Katy Perry will drop the follow up single to "Chained To The Rhythm" soon for a while now, and Katy has been acting very odd online this week making some think the song is coming sooner than later. Earlier this week, Katy sent out a very strange recipe for a cherry pie. The recipe was legit, but was riddled with innuendo and was honestly pretty funny. Fans sent in their pies and apparently fans who did are getting this CLASSY AF menu hand delivered to them in person. No I'm not kidding. The menu says a couple things, and fans are speculating it's clues about the next single and album. Some people are guessing the song is called "Bon App├ętit" based off of the hashtags on both promo things she has sent out over the week. Katy also teased an uptempo dance track with the  same name on her instagram a while back too. I can't make sense of all of this, what do you think it's all about? Look at all of the teasers below and let me know what you make of this! Cant wait for more music! 

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