Forbes Just Dropped Their 2017 List Of The 100 Highest Paid Entertainers

Start thinking of the possible contenders for the top spot of Forbes' 2017 List of 100 Highest Paid Entertainers because this new list has just been freshly released.  Some names that are probably going through your head right now are Beyonce or maybe even Kim Kardashian but those two did not seize the number one position surprisingly enough.  

The top spot was given to Sean "Diddy" Combs.  According to Forbes, Diddy is the highest paid entertainer bringing in a whopping $130 million.  Between his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour, Ciroc vodka and selling off a third of his Sean Combs clothing line, the past 12 months have been very fruitful for Diddy.  

Other notable celebrities who have made the list are as follows:

2. Beyonce

3. J.K. Rowling

4. Drake

5. Christian Ronaldo

6. The Weeknd

7. Howard Stern

8. Coldplay

Checkout the full list here with all of the other celebrities.  

Pic from Getty Images

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