Teen Dancing In Hospital After Heart Transplant Makes Your Heart Melt

This story goes to show we should not take anything for granted.  Maryland teen, Amari Hall, recently had to endure a heart transplant.  

Hall has been trying to overcome this issue for all of his fifteen years of existence. He was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital heart defect that negatively affects blood flow through the heart. This condition has been a constant obstacle for him in his life.   Before the age of two, he had to have three corrective heart surgeries. 

By the time he was 15, his heart started to go into failure and it soon became a necessity to get a new heart in order to live. Let’s hope that it not only saved his life, but it will also allow him to live a long and prosperous life.  

As a result of the successful transplant, his family recorded him having a celebration of his own in his hospital bed.  

Watch the heartwarming video below: 

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