PICS: Armpit Tattoos Are The Hot New Trend In Tattoos. Would YOU?

I'm a tattooed man. My knuckles, hands, arms, legs... all over. Love them! BUT... I've never considered the armpit for my next ink spot.. because i know that's gotta hurt bad! 

But, The Daily Mail is reporting that the hot new trend is armpit tattoos. Which prompted tons of, “Yeah, but does it hurt?” Of course it hurts it’s your freakin armpit! The skin is sensitive and there are lymph nodes underneath the armpit. Rebel Circus ranks armpit tattoos as the third most painful after getting your genitals inked and having oscillating needles inject ink into your eyeballs or eyelids. Despite the obvious massive pain, a ton of people are getting armpit tattoos. Question is though.. would you? Not me... yet!

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