7 Things You Didn't Know About Lauv | Interview


Lauv sat down with Mo Bounce to talk about his amazing song "I Like Me Better," but we ended up learning so much more about this up and coming singer-songwriter. He's known for penning heart wrenching songs you can't help but love, however, he's still just a normal 22-year-old guy at heart. Here's a list of everything we learned about Lauv that you should definitely know, too! 

1) The Meaning Behind His Stage Name

While talking with Mo Bounce, Lauv revealed the real meaning behind his stage name. It turns out Lauv means lion in Latvian. 

2) His Sign

In keeping with the lion theme, Lauv is actually a Leo. It makes total sense that he picked Lauv as his stage name! 

3) Lauv's real name

While Lauv is obviously a super cool name, that's not what's actually on his birth certificate. For those who don't know, Lauv's real name is Ari! 


4) He's a College Grad

Lauv attended the prestigious New York University, so, you know he's got to to be really smart. 

5) He Was Born on the West Coast

While he was born in San Francisco, Lauv revealed to Mo Bounce that he doesn't really feel like he's from there because he move around a lot as a kid. 


6) He's No Longer Living in New York

Lauv says a big part of him will always be in New York City, he sadly no longer lives in the big apple. He's moved back to the west coast and is living in Studio City, Los Angeles. 

7) He's Going on Tour This Fall

....and you should definitely check it out! You can see Lauv live in concert this fall, as well as early next year.

Thanks for stopping by, Lauv. We can't wait to see what he gets up to next. 

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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