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Bebe Rexha is a pop star you can't go ANYWHERE without hearing her music. She took the industry by storm and has quite a few hits under her belt already. The singer took to twitter today though to deliver a blow that has her fans, the Rexhars, UPSET. Bebe tweeted that if she ever puts out an LP, aka a full length album, it would be the only one EVER. Bebe say it ain't so! I want many Bebe albums in the future! 

but I do have to say, don't worry TOO MUCH. Bebe is known for putting out EPs, which are shorter albums of about 4 to 6 songs, quite frequently. She has dropped 2 EPs this year, with another in the works. So maybe she will just continuously release EPs? The industry is certainly changing so who knows, maybe this is a brave move! We'll see! 

In the mean time, get your Bebe Rexha fix with us!

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