So as we know, every September all of us tech geeks start getting riled up about the new iPhone launch! I've been a hard core iPhone addict for years now so I am DEF guilty of getting a little too excited around new launch time. With the big launch event coming up tomorrow, SO many details have leaked online and I'm here to give you a quick lowdown. 

SO it looks like we will be getting THREE new iPhones tomorrow! The 8, the 8+, and then get ready for it.....the iPhone X!  So let's get to the details

WHEN? Launching tomorrow 9/12/17 at an Apple event with orders starting in late September, early October.

HOW MUCH? The price of the iPhone X is rumored to be $999 and up. (yikes). There are rumors that cell service providers will create plans to break up that cost but still thats A LOT for a phone.

FEATURES: There are a LOT of upgrades. New cameras, better processors, a larger full screen, face ID, augmented reality, but I'll let these guys explain more in detail:

Check out the new face recognition animation! It will read your face to unlock your phone, replacing the thumb print scanner. 

So, with all of those new features, do you think you'll be upgrading? Is the price tag too much? It will definitely be a historic day for Apple tomorrow!