Dr. Luke Is Back Making Music With An Unexpected New Project


So we all know the drama and ultimate downfall of Dr. Luke by now, let's not beat a dead horse, and this downfall led to the musical outcasting of Luke from all of his major collaborators. Katy Perry, Kesha, Britney Spears, and many other icons and pop stars that the producer had worked with frequently in the past completely banned him from their most recent projects, and with good reason, but now the super producer is back with a new project. I think my instant reaction to seeing him release new music was probably the same as yours, "WHY.STOP. CRAWL IN YOUR CAVE AND VANISH.", but then I looked a little closer. The artist Dr. Luke signed is named Kim Petras and she is talented, beautiful, and also the youngest transgender woman to undergo gender confirmation surgery. She is famous in her home country of Germany for this, and now is pursuing a pop music career. This is what has me torn. It is SO hard for LGTBQ+ people to break into the industry, especially for transgender people, so I want to support her so badly! The Dr. Luke production though makes me so torn. All I know is that it's impressive how far she's come, the songs are fire, and this is a great step forward for society. I'm just not sure I could entirely get on board though because of Luke. What do you think? Some people feel as though Luke is pandering to the LGBTQ+ community with this move and trying to make a comeback. Either Way, this is huge. I recently interviewed Kelly Clarkson, and she is NOT a fan of Luke and had a lot to say. Check that out and Kim's debut single below.

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