Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Fans Team Up Against Cardi B


YIKES. This is where stan culture get's ugly. Today it was made official that Cardi B hit #1 on the Hot 100 with Bodak Yellow, and the Swifties and Barbz got a little....dare I say...jealous? The two passionate stan groups have teamed up to try to do anything to tarnish Cardi's success and reputation online, and if you want to see it just go literally anywhere on twitter. Some of the tweets are vicious so I'm not even gunna link them, they're EVERYWHERE. Just go to anything about Cardi on twitter and you will see this smear campaign in the works. Can't we all get along? All three women that these fans represent are strong, intelligent feminists, and I'm sure they would not condone this. All three women SLAY and have their place in the industry! Let's support girl power and show love to everyone. Congrats Cardi on your historic #1! 

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