OMG! The New American Idol Judges Are Announced!


LET'S GOOOOO!!!! American Idol is coming back with a brand new reboot, and I am SO hype. Word is that the reboot will refocus the show on really searching to find a lasting musical icon, and less on the silly drama stuff of the past seasons. With that in mind, I think everyone has been wondering who will be the new judges and now we can finally tell you! Ryan Seacrest will be returning to host, and the judges panel will include legendary artist Katy Perry, country superstar Luke Bryan, and the iconic powerhouse Lionel Richie! I don't know about you, but this lineup seems KILLER to me! Katy is a current pop super force and knows how hard it is to break into the industry, Luke represents a HUGE side of the industry that Katy doesn't dwell in, and Lionel is so iconic and successful that I'm sure he will know a star when he sees one. Are you excited? I am! Read more about the judges announcement here

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