Harry Styles Groped By Fan On Stage.


Our culture is changing. People are speaking up. The disturbing culture of the past is no longer and a new tide has come, and it's time that pop culture fans get in on it too. With all of the terrible alligations from Hollywood pouring out in abundance, you would think people know about sexual assault but apparantly not.

The other night at a concert, teen sensation Harry Styles was performing to his sea of fans. As he got closer to the audience however, a fan reached out and grabbed Harry by the crotch. Fans of Harry Styles, this is sexual assault. This type of behavior, and how casually it happens, is such a problem and it needs to be addressed. Many of his fans are rightly outraged online, and while Harry has yet to speak out, I'm sure it was a terribly uncomfortable moment for him. We need to remember that celebrities are people, and just because you paid to see them doesn't mean you can do whatever you please. It's not just Harry, it happens far too often at concerts to the talent because fans get over excited, but that is no excuse. We're waiting to see what Harry has to say about all of this.

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