Too Much GTA Could Lead To THIS?

The World Health Organization is classifying Gaming Disorder as an official disorder this year. The International Classification of Diseases is a manual published by WHO and it hasn't been update since 1990. This comes as 10% of gamers admit to spending at least 12 hours per day sitting in front of a screen. 

"Most people who play video games don't have a disorder, just like most people who drink alcohol don't have a disorder. However, ...overuse can lead to adverse effects," said Vladimir Poznyak, a member of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse with The World Health Organization.

Some of the symptoms of "internet gaming disorder" include anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and antisocial behavior. The wording of the disorder still has to be tweaked, but the 2018 edition of the manual will hopefully help doctors decide if some has the disorder or not.

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