This Staten Island Couple Is Valentine's Day GOALS!


Get this... Joseph Scaramuzzo, 96, and his wife Marion, 95, have been married 75 years. Yes... as in SEVENTY-FIVE YEARSSSSSS MARRIED! They said, “I do,” on Valentine’s Day weekend 1943.

The Scaramuzzos met when they were teenagers at a high school graduation party on Staten Island in the late 1930s! They make it look so simple. And I guess it really is, as long as you don't over-think it. I mean, seriously... isn't this the cutest thing you've seen all day?

Joseph and Marion have three sons, seven grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. Now THAT is a legacy!

Now think about it... a diamond is the traditional gift for 75 years of marriage. And this couple ACTUALLY made it there! Diamonds may be popular as a gift for any Valentine's Day. But this one is for real!

If this isn't #CoupleGoals... I don't know what is! Congrats you two!

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