A Time Traveler From 2030?!?

In a video posted on YouTube by ApexTV, a man with heavily distorted voice and blurred face claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030. He claims that he must remain anonymous to protect himself, as he is risking his life divulging the information he as about time travel.

Noah agreed to take a lie detector test after many people found his story hard to believe...he passed it.

Some of the claims he makes in the video include that Donald Trump being re-elected in 2020, bitcoin becomes our main form of currency, robots learn to coexist with humans, and climate change makes temperatures rise in the US but plummet in the UK. He also says that humans will reach Mars in 2028 and that there will be a cure for virtually every type of cancer.

Noah says time travel has been possible since 2003, but it won't be discovered until 2028. He claims he has hard evidence that all of this is true, but can't show it out of fear of putting himself and others in the future at risk.

Watch the video for yourself, do you think he's actually from the future?

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