Our Downtown NYC "Fearless Girl" Gets A Permanent Home

I bet you remember the debut of Wall Street's "Fearless Girl" statue last March. The statue was installed last year just before International Women's Day by State Street Global and was sculpted by artist Kristen Visbal.

The statue came under some criticism last year when the artist behind the Charging Bull claimed that the statue's placement was merely a PR stunt and wasn't an accurate representation of the feminist movement. Despite, support for the new statue came in droves and now the pedestrian area where the two statues are situated has become one of the hottest tourist attractions in NYC. 

Now, according to Adweek, the NYC Mayor's Office is trying to find a new home for both statues. They won't stray far from their current home, but the city is claiming traffic and safety issues are what sparked the idea for a move. The plan is to redesign the plaza and then place the two statues in a more pedestrian friendly space. 

Here's a couple places WE think they should move 'em to...

1. The Top of the Empire State Building

2. Any NYC Chipotle (Just a thought?)

3. Outside Big Gay Ice Cream

4. A Staten Island Ferry

5. Your Fire Escape

6. Or we just send it on a tour. Like it shows up at a different bodega every week?

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