Drake's Lemon Remix Is Here

Drake and Rihanna fans were taken back to a much simpler time this weekend when Pharrell premiered a new remix of "Lemon," adding a verse from Drake to the track. A time when Rihanna and Drake were still together and nothing could ever go wrong and we had so much hope...October 2016. 

Pharrell premiered the remix on Drake's OVO Sound Radio show on Saturday where Drake opens the record with a new verse.

'I get it how I live it/ I live it how I get/ Y'all don't really get it/ I pull up in a lemon/ Blocks get to spendin'/ Money 3D printin'/ Never had a limit/ Never been religious/ I just always had opinions.'


Reactions are mixed, some questioning whether a Drake remix was necessary after Rihanna kills the track on her own, some saying that its even better with the two of them on it. Its safe to say that in general, we're just feeling the nostalgia for Rihanna/Drake. 

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