'Blurred Lines' Guilty of Plagiarism

Remember this song?


Yeah...welcome back to 2013. Robin Thicke's chart topper from Summer 2013 came under almost immediate fire when fans drew an insane comparison to Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up." If you compare the two songs, the beats behind both sound incredibly similar, leading Marvin Gaye's children to file a lawsuit against Thicke and Pharell.

In 2015, a jury determined that "Blurred Lines" did in fact violate copyrights against Marvin Gaye's song, leaving Thicke and Williams responsible for a $5.3 million payout to the gay family. The case was then taken to California appeals court where, on Monday, a 2-1 decision upheld the original verdict.

In the original case, the jury awarded the Gaye family $3.19 million, 50% of publishing revenue from the song, plus $1.77 million in profits from Robin Thicke and $357,000 from Pharell. They also determined that they would receive 50% of all future publishing revenue from the song as well.

Moral of the story: When your teacher tells you not to copy your homework...DON'T COPY YOUR HOMEWORK!

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