This Guy Fell INTO An Escalator

So if you've seen any of the Final Destination movies (there's like 26 of them), you know that there the kinds of movies that make you want to hide underneath the covers and not move so that you don't die from stepping on a fuzz or something.

In the 4th movie, a character dies from falling into an escalator and getting chopped up by the machine inside, it's a little graphic so you'll have to do a Google search on your own. So you can imagine where our minds go when you hear that a man fell into the inside of an escalator in Turkey when the bottom fell out underneath him.

This video is a little (a lot) less graphic, click the picture to see it.

Turns out escalator incidents like this one don't result in someone's body being torn to pieces by a motor and gears, this guys came out alive with just a few minor injuries.

Regardless, I'm definitely not taking the escalator out of the train station anymore. It'll be the stairs for me!

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