How To See What Info Facebook Has On You

Facebook recently suspended Strategic Communication Laboratories and Cambridge Analytica for violating the social network's terms of use by collecting and using data from over 50 million users without permission.

The major problem here is that this company was able to secure personal user data, and use it to create political ads during the 2016 Presidential campaign that targeted users "unconscious psychological biases." The Trump campaign hired SCL/Cambridge Analytica in June 2016 after they promised to develop personality profiles on users using their data, which would allow the campaign to create and distribute incredibly specific ads.

Jared Kushner organized the collaboration between the campaign and company, while Steve Bannon, Trump Campaign Manager at the time, was the former Vice President of Cambridge Analytica. Special Counsel Robert Mueller request that SCL/Cambridge turnover any documents related to the Trump campaign as they could possibly pertain to his investigation into Russia's interference with the 2016 election.

Facebook has already been in hot water for failing to filter out advertisements from companies backed by the Russian government on the site during the election, which were exposed to over 10 million users. Facebook has said that it has reevaluated the process with which companies and developers can gain access to user data, however this recent news doesn't help their situation. 

While all of this has yet to be sorted out, many are wondering what kind of information these companies have access to. 

If you want to download your Facebook data, instructions can be found here.

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(h/t: The Verge)

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