Beyoncé Is Full Steam Ahead for Coachella

By now we're all familiar with the Beyonce/Coachella story...she was booked for the 2017 show, but ultimately had to cancel because of her pregnancy with the twins. While it was disappointing that B couldn't make it, we still got an amazing performance from Lady Gaga. 

But this year Beyonce is back and it looks like there is no stopping her from putting on the show of our lives! TMZ has some info saying that she has booked and LA studio specifically for her Coachella rehearsals, scheduling 11-hour days for herself, her dancers, choreographers, technicians and designers. 

There are reportedly, 7 security guards patrolling the venue making sure that unwanted guests make it nowhere near the closed rehearsals. There's no doubt about the fact that Bey is definitely going to impress...buckle up, the festival is just around the corner: April 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22.

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