Phoenix Woman Tased Her Son Because He Wouldn't Wake Up

Everyone likes to make jokes and share memes about "when your mom is yelling for you to get out of bed...," but no one thinks about just how far moms will actually go to get you up...this mom took the extra step.

Sharon Dobbins from Phoenix, AZ was arrested for child abuse after she tased her son because he wouldn't get out of bed on Easter Sunday. She claimed that she only sparked the taser to scare him, but the police report details that the 16 year-old had two marks on his leg where he was struck. 

Dobbins was released shortly after, but ordered to stay away from her son until a hearing on April 20th. 

In 2016, a woman in Florida sued the Sheriff's office after she was tased in front of an apartment complex. The officer who shot her with the stun gun apologized by sending her a picture of a cake that read "Sorry I Tased You." Maybe Dobbins should make an apology cake for her son??

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