Kim "Didn't Know Nothing" On the Kardashian Edition of Family Feud

Coming soon to a television near you... Family Feud: Kardashian v. West Edition! That's right, the two families went head to head in a new celebrity special of the show. Steve Harvey went on the Ellen Degeneres Show and laid out all of the details from the taping.

First off, Steve says that the episode was originally supposed to feature a face off between the Kardashians and the Hiltons, but Paris' family dropped out. Kanye, being a huge fan of the show, jumped in to fill their spot saying "I've always wanted to play." 

Kim, remaining loyal to her husband, jumped teams to play with the Wests as the Kardashian's long-time friend Jonathan Cheban took her spot. So how to did they all do? Steve had some words...

The Ellen Show/Buzzfeed

Well...Kim didn't know nothing. A for effort though, Kim. Khloe is VERY competitive, according to the host, especially with Kim because she was on an opposite team. And for Jonathan, the one who no one's really sure what he does...Steve said he was "a lot."

The best part of this though? Apparently Kanye has never smiled this much. Steve said that after the taping some of Kanye's people approached him to say that they've never seen him smile this much since they started working for him! I guess we found his soft spot!

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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