Life Was Way Different 50 Years Ago

The world has changed PLENTY since the 1960's, most would argue for the better. From ATM's to seatbelts, life 50 years ago was severely lacking some of the things we rely heavily on. So here's a few things that were totally different 50 years ago...

No ATM, you had to go to the bank.

ATM's were introduced in London in 1967,  but weren't brought to the United States until 1969.

Couples got married at a much earlier age.

In 1968, the median age for marriage was 20 for women and 23 for men, compared to 26 and 28 now. Almost 70% of Americans were married back then, now it's only 51%.

The drinking age was only 18.

The drinking age was only 18 until July of 1984 when Congress passed the National Drinking Age Act.

Seatbelts weren't mandatory.

Starting in 1968 it was mandatory for all cars to be manufactured with seatbelts, however the first real law requiring that seatbelts be worn didn't hit the streets until 1984 in New York.

911 didn't exist.

A nationwide number for emergency services wasn't established until 1968 when the FCC and AT&T met. The numbers 9-1-1 were chosen because it was the only combination that hadn't been used as an area code or for other services.

It's crazy to think that so many things we rely on today weren't around just 50 years ago. Check out more that's changed since the '60s here.

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