NYC Moves To Ban Plastic Straws

Drinking your iced coffee on the L every morning is going to get a lot more difficult, just imagine doing it without that extra long green straw. A bill is being introduced to the New York City council that would ban the use of plastic straws at any food establishment in the city, from stadiums all the way down to street carts. 

The bill would outlaw the handy disposable straws that you get at joints like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonalds, including the little stirrers that you use for your hot drinks too. The argument here is that these tiny plastic utensils are difficult to recycle and end up damaging natural ecosystems and harming wildlife, like when a dead whale washed up on a beach in Spain with 64 pounds of trash in it's stomach.

If the bill passes, NYC will be joining the ranks of other cities that have already implemented this law like Seattle, Malibu, and England. Other contaminants like plastic bags and utensils, water bottles, and styrofoam cups have been phased out in cities around the world. 

Those who are pushing for the bill to passs say that they don't see any problems with the bill coming to fruition, councilman Rafael Espinal saying that "it's not like plastic bags, where consumers felt it was important for them to carry out their groceries."

Start looking for some reusable straws, y'all!

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