America's Favorite Cheeses: RANKED

One of America's favorite pastimes is coming up with arbitrary holidays that we can celebrate on a day to day basis that spice up our lives, give them that extra 'BAM!' Last week's National Donut Day inspired breakfast pastry lovers across the country to flock to their favorite shop, and this week's inaugural holiday is just as special!

Today - Monday, June 4 - is National Cheese Day! I don't know what it is about cheese, but if you don't like it there might be something wrong with you?? Or if you're a vegan like Brady then we can probably forgive you.

Cheese unites us! Just look at how we behave online when cheese gets mentioned, we've turned it into a meme!


Another thing we love? Ranking things, lists, countdowns. SO why not combine the two and RANK our favorite CHEESES!?!? Innit is an app that let's users create specialized meal plans and shopping lists, and they recently put out a survey to get to the bottom of this very important question...Which cheese is America's favorite. Here's how the cookie crumbles....

#5 - Provolone

#4 - Pepper Jack

#3 - American

#2 - Mozzarella

#1 - Cheddar

Who would've though America would treat American cheese like that? How could y'all be so rude?

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Mo' Bounce

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