Here's An Easy Way To Use Your Phone Less

Studies show that we spend about 23 days per year on our phones, or about 3.9% of our lifetime. You can try as hard as you want but you just can't put it DOWN! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, back to Twitter, and check in Instagram one more time.


Here's an easy way become naturally less interested in what's going on inside your lil pocket computer. It just takes a little commitment. 

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General.

General > Accessibility

Accessibility > Display Accommodations 

Display Accommodations > Color Filters

Turn Color Filters on and select Grayscale.

We're so addicted to our phones, partially because of the exciting colors embedded in our apps and wallpaper backgrounds, so turning our screens black and white makes it pretty...boring.

Give it a shot! If it doesn't work then maybe you just have a problem :/

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