Taylor Swift Fans Upset Over Seating SNAFU

Its all fun and games until someone loses their tickets to Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour. That's whats going down with fans who are ready to see Taylor hit the stage at Manchester's Etihad Stadium on June 8th and 9th. 

Concert goers said they received emails from Ticketmaster on June 6th that their front row tickets have been moved to different areas of the stadium. 

Ticketmaster cites 'stadium problems' as the reason for the changes, saying that there was an issue with staging calculations - basically there's not enough space for the stage - so the seats closest to Taylor have to be rearranged. But not just rearranged, they were flat out moved to the back.

Fans who paid hundreds of dollars to get as close to the stage as they could are now sitting hundreds of feet away. Fans say that Ticketmaster sent out texts and emails last night around 8PM alerting them about the change, several hours after their Customer Service line closed for the day. 

Despite the change, tickets for the from row are still on sale this morning.

Alice Cachia is a 23 year old journalist who paid $358 for two front row tickets was given new seats all the way in the back of the stadium, but called and was able to get bumped back up to the front. 

"I was waiting on the phone to speak to them for 45 minutes. I received an email last night at 8pm, my new seats were right at the back. I paid £267 and now I am just going to see a blob.

"It is just diabolical. The new seats are closer to the front but not tiered seating, they couldn't tell me if they would be better or worse."

Have you ever heard of this? Hopefully Taylor and Ticketmaster will do something to make this right!

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