Would You Give Yourself the Flu for $3,500?

As the famous lyric from The Eagles goes, "Welcome to the Hotel Influenza!"

Uh, wait...what?

This is actually much different. And yes, you read that right, Hotel Influenza.

St. Louis University is willing to give you $3,500 for staying at their hotel that is TEEMING with the flu virus. The newly remodeled hotel has been rebranded as Hotel Influenza, where participants will stay for up to 12 days to help research the effectiveness of different flu vaccines.

Your visit starts with a shot of either the active flu shot or a placebo and then they hit ya with the big stuff...a solid dose of the flu virus through a nasal spray. Volunteers will be watched around the clock for symptoms. 

Formerly the Water Tower Inn, Hotel Influenza was remodeled especially for this research project and is located in St. Louis University's Salus Center. 

The school is planning to start its first full length extended stay research project within the next coming year. But my question is HOW GROSS HAS THAT PLACE GOTTA BE and it must be so satisfying taking a shower after being in there...

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