This College Graduate Snuck Into Graduation

It’s Graduation season and I bet you didn’t think that you could “graduate” college without actually going to college! Well a prankster from Missouri just graduated from Missouri State University, but the catch is that he was never actually enrolled there. 

Jaron Myers posted on Twitter, “I dropped out of college 4 years ago but today I bought a cap and gown for $38 and snuck into the line of a college I have never been enrolled in” also adding, “Hope my Mom is proud.” Apparently, his mom texted him to tell him how proud she was of his prank.


He posted another tweet saying, “If you have a piece of paper with your name, they say your name. No questions asked.” Attached to the tweet was a video from the actual graduation! 


Not only is this broccoli powder super easy and quick to use, it’s also good for the environment! The developers of this powder are hoping that it will eliminate food waste. Some grocery stores are working to encourage people to buy ugly food which is the food that is shaped funny or has a little bit of bruising. But this new powdered broccoli is made from the “ugly fruit” which is cutting down on the overall wasted produce! 

Hopefully you’ll see this item on your grocery store shelves real soon!! 

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