My Summer Bod Fitness Hacks

Over the weekend I decided to clean out my garage. What actually wound up happening was a brutal wake-up call... I’m so out of shape! All the squatting and lifting really did a number on me.  


Which made me realize I need to get into shape... quick. So here are a few fitness hacks to help you all get your summer bods shredded in no time!

Number 1: 

I call this one the cactus run. First, run on a treadmill. Next, place a spikey cactus behind you to make sure you stay on that treadmill. This will make it much harder for you to quit your workout. Remember, determination is the key to getting fit. 


Number 2: 

Use the Muscle, Weightlifter and Fire emojis in EVERY SINGLE text you send. Letting everyone know you have an intense passion for working out is the key to actually getting fit.


Carry around one of those protein shaker bottles. Even if you fill it with a delicious extra large shamrock shake from McDonalds, you’re still in the mindset that one day, that bottle COULD potentially be filled with something healthy.


Knowing me I’ll just go to clean out my garage and get my week’s worth of exercise doing that!

Here’s to sore everything!

Emoji Credit: Apple

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