No bathroom breaks for this young Fortnite player

A nine year old girl from the UK was sent to video game rehab after she was caught staying up all night to play the popular game Fortnite on Xbox. 

The girl's parents didn't think there was any problem with their daughter's video game escapades until they began discovering regular charges to Microsoft on their credit card. And then the girl's teacher revealed that the girl was falling asleep in class and doing poorly on her tests. 

The final straw occurred when early one morning, the girl's father found her sitting in a puddle of her own urine. 

The parents tried to take the Xbox away but she lashed out and hit her dad in the face. 

At this point, they decided enough was enough and admitted the girl to video game rehab. 

The parents say at the height of her addiction she was playing for ten hours a day and staying up until 5am. 

Thankfully, she is reportedly getting back on track with her school and ballet class. 

PHOTO Credit: Getty Images

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