Man Scares Entire Lake With Remote Control Gator Head


Picture this, it's a beautiful summer day. You and your significant other are sharing a romantic canoe around a picturesque lake. When all of the sudden DUN, DUN DUN!!!! A huge alligator pops out of nowhere!!!!! What would you do? Scream? Paddle away as FAST as you can? Push your significant other in to use as gator bait? Well people did all these things when confronted with a gator in this latest video. 

Except thankfully it was no gator... only a remote controlled alligator head manned by prankster Jay Karl. He even went so far terrorizing people in this latest video he got the Boat Cops called on him. (Side note: "Boat Cops" would make for an awesomely awful 80s cop show.) 

But here's my question, what would the Boat Cops even do if it was a real gator? If I'm a Boat Cop and I get called to deal with an alligator I'm going to tell them they have the wrong number. I specifically like my waters gator-free. 

Some people around the office said they would try to fight it. I would not. I am not that guy. I will never be that guy. 

I lived in Florida for a little bit and I can tell you the only encounter I ever had with an alligator was at the zoo. And I'm glad. 

YouTuber Jay Karl has been terrorizing people with his pranks for years. You can check out some of his other pranks below:

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