Dog interrupts minor league baseball game to play fetch


Dogs... we love 'em. We love 'em so much we create special events so that we can bring them to our people events. 

Last night, the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate the Tulsa Drillers hosted their “Bark at the Park” night. As part of the event, some very good doggos got the chance to take the field in between innings. 

While the team was warming up, one German Shepherd decided he needed to get in on the action. 

Check the video out to see this dog play the ULTIMATE game of fetch!


Look at him go!! He reeeeeally wants that ball. 

I don't see why baseball teams can't use dogs to warm up their infield players before every inning. 

Think about it... the players need to warm up, the dogs like chasing the balls, the fans love the dogs, everyone wins! 

Photo Credit: Nick Lopez

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