Flight NOSEDIVES for 10 seconds over the Pacific Ocean

Earlier this week, a Qantas Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne wound up in a total free-fall nosedive for 10 seconds over the Pacific Ocean after hitting the air turbulence made by another plane on the same route. 

The two Qantas jets were 20 nautical miles apart in distance and 1,000 feet apart in altitude when the second plane hit the wake of the first plane that was just ahead of it. When that happened, the plane got swooped into the vortex and plunged just like a roller coaster. 

Now, I looooove roller coasters. But, I would be wetting my pants if I were on this flight. This is no roller coaster I would EVER want to be on. And when you think about 10 seconds... 10 seconds is a LONG time to be in total free fall plummeting down to earth. 

Luckily everyone was okay and the pilot was able to successfully navigate the plane out of the nosedive. I'll keep my thrill-seeking to the theme parks from now on. 

Photo credit: Getty Images

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