Lady has a WILD MELTDOWN in Planet Fitness


I know most of us aren't the biggest fan of going to the gym, but this lady DEFINITELY doesn't want to be there. 

A woman at a Planet Fitness in Grand Rapids, Michigan was arrested last weekend after having a total meltdown that involved throwing everything from computers, to phones and even punches at the manager. 

In a total fit of rage, the woman yelled, became violent and allegedly caused up to $1000 in damages. 

If you are at a Planet Fitness at 1:30 in the morning, there's gotta be something a little off to begin with. 1:30 am?!? That's BEDTIME (or snack-time depending on how early your dinner was). 

She finished her meltdown with the terrifying words "I'll come back, and I will kill you!"

Who said you need steroids to have "roid rage"?

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Mo' Bounce

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