Best Jail Escape in the History of Jail Escapes

Over the weekend, France's most dangerous gangster Redonie Faid, and his accomplices broke out of jail in the most insane way possible. 

Early Sunday Morning, they landed a stolen helicopter (!!!!!!!) in the prison courtyard. Then two men ran into the visiting room and used a "grinding machine" to cut open a door that led to Faid. The whole thing was done in under five minutes. Once they got Faid out, the helicopter took off and flew towards Paris where it was then partially torched. Next the group switched into a car which they ditched in a parking lot near the Paris airport and lastly switched into a big white van to make their final getaway.  

The gang is still on the loose and there is a MASSIVE manhunt across France to find them. 

He's not a one-trick pony... no, this is Faid's SECOND jailbreak!!!

Faid was in the middle of serving a sentence for the robbery of an armored cash truck in France. 

Check The Telegraph for the entire article!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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