Heartbreak as Toys R Us Closes it's LAST Location

Over the weekend, the last Toys R Us in America closed, effectively ending all of our childhoods.

Yup, on Sunday Toys R Us shut down 800+ locations and left this heartbreaking goodbye message on their website:

“Thanks to each of you who shared your amazing journey to (and through) parenthood with us, and to every grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother and sister who’s built a couch-cushion rocket ship, made up a hero adventure, or invented something gooey. Promise us just this one thing: Don’t ever grow up. Play on!"

And if that wasn't sad enough, Geoffrey the Giraffe, longtime mascot of the toy chain, was spotted packing his bags and giving a somber wave to the masses. 


RIP Toys R Us, we'll never forget you. 

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