JetBlue Flight Attendants Save Adorable Dog Mid-Flight


Over the weekend on a flight from Orlando to Massachusetts, Darcy, a 3 year old French Bulldog started suffering from hypoxia (or lack of oxygen) and when her tongue and gums started turning blue, her owners Michelle and Steven Burt became worried. They knew something was wrong and then summoned the flight attendants for help. 

Flight attendants Renaud Spencer and Dianne Asher sprung into action giving the the dog some cold water and then an oxygen mask to nurse her back to health.  Once the oxygen mask was applied, Darcy recovered quickly.  

JetBlue said in a statement: “We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs. We’re thankful for our crew’s quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester.”

The Burts are thankful for the quick thinking flight attendant's actions for saving Darcy. 

Scroll down for more pictures from the life saving rescue!


Darcy with Flight Attendant Renaud Spencer! 

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