Plane Drops 25,000 Feet Because Pilot was VAPING

A plane in China dropped 25,000 feet because a pilot trying to cover up his vape smoke pressed the wrong button for the air conditioning system.

Officials from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) say Air China Flight 106 was flying from Hong Kong to Dalian, China when the plane plunged from 35,000-feet to 10,000-feet in nine minutes. The plunge occurred when a pilot who was vaping tried to prevent his vape smoke from going into the passenger cabin by turning off the "air-recycling" button. He accidentally pressed the air conditioning button right next to it, which turned off the plane's air-conditioning and triggered an alarm. The alarm forced the crew to perform an emergency air pressure relief procedure which resulted in the plane carrying 153 passengers diving 10,000 feet. 

The plane dove rapidly and oxygen masks were deployed. The crew quickly realized there was nothing wrong and the only problem was that the air conditioners were turned off. They returned to cruising altitude and landed in Dalian. 

The CAAC is currently investigating the incident. 

Give the poor pilot a break... who hasn't tried to sneak a vape or two while at work?

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