This Week in Subway Craziness

Picture this... It's 8am, it's 95 degrees with 1000% humidity, and you're just trying to take the subway to get to work. 

The double-doors open and bam! Some dude is just sitting there blocking the entire entrance way with his motorcycle... You know, the clunky thing that people use to get around? The thing that people drive on the roads ABOVE THE SUBWAY!!!

What I want to know is, HOW IN THE WORLD did this man get his entire motorcycle through the turnstiles and down the stairs?!?!

You gotta check out the video. 

And the best thing... the lady that can't get on the train gives him the ultimate NY reaction in total "Are you kidding me with this" and the man doesn't say a word but easily communicates "it is what it is, lady"

This was such a NY moment it brought tears to my eyes. 


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