How dangerous is the In My Feelings Challenge?

Drake's new song In My Feelings has caught nationwide popularity for it's catchy lyrics and accompanying dance challenge. In a twist on the #ShiggyChallenge, people have started ghost riding their cars while doing the challenge. This has caused the US NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) to issue a warning to STOP ghost-riding your whip while doing the Shiggy Challenge. Apparently, enough people have gotten hurt from doing it that the government had to step in. See the full warning from the NTSB below:


This challenge is even causing so much harm, the government of Abu Dhabi started ARRESTING people for doing the Keke challenge. They said the social media stars were charged with “endangering lives, offending public morals and violating the traffic law.”

I guess the NTSB has put some thought behind their warning, because enough people have gotten injured doing the challenge to the point that it became an issue. 

Videos like this are probably what caused the NTSB to issue the warning. 


Above all, nothing worse could've happened than this poor girl who got her PURSE stolen after she dropped it doing the Shiggy Challenge. 


Stay safe out there friends. 

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