The SCARIEST movie on Netflix

Over the weekend I was looking for a new horror movie to watch on Netflix when I came across "Veronica" I decided to watch it and I probably shouldn't have. 

It's a Spanish film (with English subtitles) and legitimately one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. But not because it's literally scary, it just plays with your mind sooooo hard. 

In the movie, 15 year old Veronica and her friend Diana conduct a seance with a Ouija board in an attempt to reach out to Veronica's dead father. Veronica passes out and what happens next, is not good...

In my analysis of horror movies, using a Ouija board never turns out well, like ever. Nobody has ever used a Ouija board and been "Wow! Golly! That was great! I can't wait to do it again next week!" It's usually more like, "NOOOOOOO GOD, NOOOO NEVER AGAIN!!!" 

Bad things happen to Veronica and you have to watch the movie to understand it, it's not the typical horror/"possession" film. 

And let's just say... it ends with real pictures from the actual crime scene. 

That's the worst thing, you know when a horror movie is totally fictional it's easier to not be scared of it because you can kind of wrap your head around how "not real" it is. But with all those "based on a true story" movies... those are absolutely terrifying because it leaves the possibility in your head that all this could ACTUALLY happen in real life. 

If you can handle really really scary horror movies, you gotta check out "Veronica", you won't regret it... well, hopefully not. 


And here's my Mo's Rando's I did about my experience watching Veronica, check it out below!

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