NJ Little Leaguer “Big Al” goes viral for all the right reasons

America has fallen in love with 12 year old Alfred “Big Al” Delia. The slugger made his TV debut last week on ESPN during the team intros for the Little League World Series at Williamsport, PA and was absolutely electric.


The original video has been viewed millions of times and Big Al has gained internet glory for his famous three-word catchphrase “I hit dingers”,  meaning he’s reeeeally good at baseball. Big Al, a native of Middletown, New Jersey is now playing for the Middletown Mutiny at their tournament in Cooperstown, NY.

The other night, Big Al was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel to get to the bottom of just how he got that nickname and if he does in fact hit dingers. Check out the interview below:


What’s interesting is that “Big Al” actually comes from a line of “Big Al’s”

As he told Kimmel, “My grandpa was originally Big Al, and then my dad became “Little Al” and now I’m “Big Al” again.” What a family.

Big Al’s party hard attitude seems to never stop! Footage was captured of him dancing in the dugout and just proving the point that he in fact is the life of the party! 


And the best part is… HE ACTUALLY HITS DINGERS!!


Big Al’s family says the attention he’s gotten is unbelievable and they are so happy that so many people are enjoying Alfred just like they get to! He’s gotten so big that umpires and other Little League players have asked to take pictures with him during the games!!

Big Al says his dream is to be a Major League Baseball player! Keep it up Big Al!!

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