This "Emotional Support Pig" on Instagram is the cutest thing!!

We've all heard of emotional support dogs, but what about emotional support pigs? Well that's just what Lord Hamilton is! Lord Hamilton is a 3 year old micro pig who serves the role as "Director of Emotional Support" at the Happily Ever After League, or HEAL, a nonprofit charity established to support mothers during cancer treatment. 

Lord Hamilton has become Instagram famous, gaining almost 20,000 followers for the good work that he does helping the members of the HEAL community. 

This comes from LordHamilton's bio on the HEAL website:

"Hi, my name is Lord Hamilton but my friends call me Hammy. I am the Director of Emotional Support for the Happily Ever After League. I am a micro pig and I was born on August 14, 2015. I live with Lauren, the Founder of HEAL, and her family, but you often can find me working during the week at the HEALing House. I’m almost always at the House events too. I am in charge of bringing smiles to our HEAL families and volunteers and I love making new friends. My favorite thing to do is to show off my tricks! I can sit, spin, give a high five and play the piano with my snout. I also like to go for walks but always on a leash!"

Awww isn't Hammy just so adorable?

Here's some highlights from his popular Instagram page. You can follow him @lordhamiltonofficial and you can also check out the amazing work the HEAL community does at 

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