Jonas Blue Had No Idea Who Jack & Jack Were And Vice Versa


The incredible Jonas Blue stopped by the studio to talk all about his music with Jack & Jack and how these three crazy talents got together for their collaboration. 

There's only one way a song like Rise could work, and that's having a collaboration with Jonas Blue and Jack & Jack. These three guys worked together to create a song for millennials that is unlike anything you've ever heard. How did it come to be? Well turns out Jonas Blue had no idea who Jack & Jack even were and vice versa! It wasn't until Jonas Blue was listening to the radio that he heard Jack & Jack for the first time. "Unfortunately I had never heard of, even though I know they're a big deal here... However they have never heard of me." Jonas Blue continues saying, "They've heard my music but they didn't know me." 

"But I was listening to their interview and they were basically talking about the millennial generation and how it's kind of always looked down on and the millennials are never really given a chance by the older generation, and I just thought 'that could be a really cool concept for a song.' And that's how Rise featuring Jack & Jack was born! 

This song is an inspiration to millennials everywhere, and it really couldn't be made possible without these three stars. 

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