College Blocking Netflix, Other Streaming Services In Classrooms

College is supposed to be a place for learning, so it seems natural that a university will do whatever they can to keep students focused in the classroom. 

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana is blocking Netflix as well as some other non-academic related streaming services as part of a program to help students focus more in the classroom. 

To be clear, the services aren't blocked across the entire classroom, if you're going to Purdue you can still watch your shows in your dorm room because this program will only be active in the school's largest lecture halls. 

The school is blocking Netflix along with Hulu, Apple, iTunes, and team in their four largest lecture halls for the next ten weeks. If the program is successful, the university plans to extend the program to the rest of the smaller classrooms across campus. 

So far the school hasn't received and complaints from faculty or students.

“I expected to hear back with some mumbles and groans,” she said. “What I heard back was one faculty member saying, ‘How can I get this shut off in my classroom?’ … I did not receive any emails from faculty saying that they thought this was a bad thing.”

This really can't be that bad of a rule, right? I mean, if you try to argue against this you kinda just look like a fool, dude. 

Sometimes its a little hard for us to keep our focus during the day since theres so much for us to do. With that being said, what is the biggest distraction for you at school or at work? Do you fire up Netflix at your desk? Is it maybe something a lil more naughty? 

We talked about it in today's Mo's Rando's:

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